Billie’s Remembers Mother & Grandmother

Our hearts goes out to Billie and her family. We know that you are such a strong lady and that your mother & grandmother are so proud of you

Billie Lourd Interview With “The New Potato”

Billie Lourd Billie Lourd Billie Lourd Billie Lourd

The New Potato– If you see us rocking a pair of ear muffs this winter, you can thank Billie Lourd for the inspiration (her character in Scream Queens, Chanel #3, is known for rocking them). There were many reasons we were excited to meet Lourd, all of which were amplified upon meeting her. We even forgot – if just for a moment – our long and enduring fandom for her Mom, Carrie Fisher.
 There are some women we meet that absolutely fit in with us potatoheads: huge foodies, big travel buffs, fashion obsessives; Lourd is one of them. Read below for her restaurant recommendations, which Instagram accounts to follow ASAP, and stories from the set of her upcoming Star Wars movie…

From start to finish what’s your ideal food day?

My ideal food day would probably start with breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants – Gjusta. I am passionately obsessed with their egg sandwich – it has pretty much all of my favorite foods on one beautiful English muffin – collard greens, bacon, avocado, hot sauce and a fried egg. How could you not start your day with that?!

After that I’d probably take a light nap then head to lunch at another one of my favorite restaurants in LA, Cha Cha Chicken. I looooove Caribbean food and am a self-proclaimed chicken connoisseur, and I must say they have the best jerk chicken I’ve ever had. My go-to dish is definitely the jerk chicken enchiladas. Sometimes I’ll branch out and go for the coconut fried chicken because it’s always hard to say no to a good fried chicken dish, but usually I stick with the enchiladas cause they’re INSANELY delish.

I’m also a huge fan of sushi (what sane person isn’t?!), so for dinner, I would go to my number one sushi spot – Kazu Nori. They have the BEST hand rolls ever. The rice is warm, the seaweed is crispy and the fish is supafresh.

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Over the years, television maestro Ryan Murphy has brought some of the most compelling female characters to our screens: Rachel Berry in Glee. The Chanels in Scream Queens. All the astonishing iterations of Jessica Lange in American Horror Story. Now his shows celebrate the women who work behind the camera, too. Earlier this year, Ryan created the Half Foundation, whose mission is to ensure that women — as well as minorities — make up at least 50 percent of the directors on his shows. Billie Lourd, who plays Chanel No. 3 on Scream Queens, recently caught up with the visionary to talk about the foundation, feminism, and the power of females on set. Is his mission working? As it turns out, the end result is even better for everyone involved than he’d imagined.

Ryan Murphy: Your mother, Carrie Fisher, is known for portraying the iconic Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy, and she is also a huge feminist. What advice did she give you when you were starting acting?

Billie Lourd: She told me to be true, and kind, and confident in yourself. She raised me to not think of men and women as different. She raised me without gender. It’s kind of the reason she named me Billie. It’s not about being a strong woman — it’s about being a strong person. She once told me, “I never sat you down with a credo. It was more about leading by example.”

RM: You come from a family of rule-breakers. You grew up realizing that you can create your own rules. I love that about you. I didn’t have the same experience growing up.

BL: You’re the number one rule-breaker now! I noticed the effects of the Half Foundation before I realized it was happening: There were more female directors coming around. I ended up Googling it and realizing what you had done.

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Billie Lourd Billie Lourd Billie Lourd Billie Lourd

In rural Somerset, where grassy knolls tumble toward the Welsh coastline, there sits a small, flat-topped mesa over six hundred feet tall—Solsbury Hill—it’s on this mound of profundity that eagles fly out of the night, and where fleeting voices may be heard. It’s also the title to actress Billie Lourd’s most recent of obsessions: “I’m really into Peter Gabriel right now. I’m feeling him and ‘Solsbury Hill.’ Is that weird? I wake up to that [song] every morning and it’s like a breath of fresh air.”

It’s a balmy afternoon in Larchmont, L.A., the air less than fresh, and we’ve just walked to a local café to find outdoor seating; a prime people-watching location with a side of conversation. “Like all kids, I grew up wanting to be a neurosurgeon,” Lourd smirks, “But really, genuinely, I found it interesting.”

Obviously and earnestly so, Lourd is not like most kids, as she playfully puts it. The daughter to film icon Carrie Fisher and esteemed Hollywood agent Bryan Lourd, one can assume Lourd’s parents happily welcomed her to the family business. But to assume anything of her and her family would be selling them short.

“I always secretly wanted to act, but my parents didn’t want me to, at all. I went to performing arts camp and lied to them about why I was going. I said I was going to knit,” she laughs. “I made some pretty damn good scarves while being in The Music Man.”

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July 22nd: “Scream Queens” Comic Con 2016

Comic Con season is here! Yesterday, the cast of Scream Queens attended Comic Con and we’ve learned so much about the upcoming season! Pictures from the SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio Channel Broadcast, the presslinethe panel and the 20th Century Fox Party have been added to the gallery!

SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio Channel Broadcast

Billie Lourd Billie Lourd Billie Lourd Billie Lourd
‘Scream Queens’ Press Line
Billie Lourd Billie Lourd Billie Lourd Billie Lourd
‘Scream Queens’ Panel
Billie Lourd Billie Lourd Billie Lourd Billie Lourd
Comic-Con International 2016 [20th Century Fox Party]
Billie Lourd Billie Lourd Billie Lourd Billie Lourd

Happy Birthday Billie!


Today is Billie’s birthday! We would like to wish Billie a very happy 24th birthday and hope she has a wonderful day with family and friends!


Billie Lourd was on the red carpet for Fox’s Scream Queens at Paleyfest on Saturday night. We’ll have a full story on Scream Queens later but we got the chance to ask Lourd about her brief appearance in theStar Wars saga. As you probably know, Lourd is Carrie Fisher’s daughter and you may have spotted her in the Resistance base scenes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But will she return for Rian Johnson‘s Star Wars Episode VIII?

So, first of all, Rian Johnson has definitely asked Lourd to appear in Episode VIII, she tells us.

“Yes,” Lourd said. “I can’t say much about it but yes.”

Another reporter on the press line even asked Lourd what is next for her, and Star Wars is the only upcoming project she brought up.

“I am working on Star Wars VIII but that’s all I can say,” she said.

Now don’t worry if you’re reading this thinking, “Who did Billie Lourd play in The Force Awakens and why is she in the next one?” She was an Easter egg to pay homage to the Fisher legacy, but her character was Lieutenant Connix. Since the former Princess Leia is now a general, Connix is in her unit. She asks her mom, “General, are you seeing this?” while Leia watches from her command center.

Wherever Johnson is taking the story, we can imagine General Leia has a need for her lieutenants. Lourd confirmed to us that her role will be bigger in Episode VIII, although not exactly how much more screen time she’d have.

“Oh yeah, yeah,” Lourd told us. “The last one was a little Where’s Waldo-y.”

Lourd knew enough to be cagey about her participation in the next Star Wars film, but also say enough with inflection that doesn’t translate into print. Our last question was would she have more scenes with her mother. Lourd’s suggestive answer implies that she very well could. She is Leia’s lieutenant, after all.

“Maaaaaybe,” Lourd said as she moved down the line.

Star Wars: Episode VIII is now filming. It will be released December 15, 2017. Scream Queens returns for season two on Fox in the fall.